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Complete Song Lyrics!

LyricsWe've got the complete song lyrics for the songs that we play. Check out our new Now Playing Page for tons of useful information, including composer and song duration.

Internet radio listening has never been more fun!

Radio Free David brings you the best music for your internet radio listening pleasure, from classic internet radio and the solid beats of yesterday to today's cutting edge songs. We have assembled an awesome collection of songs, and although you might know the tune, you probably haven't heard these versions before. Give us a listen on the internet and you just might be surprised at the selection and variety of music we offer from our deep radio playlist. You can easily connect to us and listen to the music using your favorite player. You can also listen to us on your cell phone!

Our Radio Playlist

The Radio Free David playlist brings you the best possible songs and cuts of your favorite songs. Each and every tune has been hand-selected, considered, and placed into the rotation for your listening pleasure. We feature the less heard versions of songs, including live, acoustic and unplugged versions. We are very particular about what we play and we have to like it--we think you will, too! Sit back, turn up the volume, and enjoy. We're not in a hurry, after all.

Request your favorite music

You can request and dedicate songs! Just visit the playlist and find your favorite tune, then click the "Request" link next to each song. You will even have the chance to dedicate the tune!

Radio Free David is fully licensed and legal.
We are fully compliant with all applicable laws and legislation, and abide by DMCA. We pay our royalties to the arists, purchase our music, and detest streamrippers. Please be legal!

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