Music To Go

We're Everywhere You Are


Everywhere you go, we're right there with you!

You can listen to Radio Free David right from your cell phone--it's fun, simple and totally wonderful! No more missing your favorite song or wondering what awesome music played while you were gone. We're right there with you and everywhere you are!

Two Ways To Listen

To listen on your cell phone, text "DAVID" to "2SNAP". That's all there is to it! You will receive a text message back with a number to call. Simply call this number and you are totally connected! This service costs just $1.99/month and is convienently billed to your cellular phone bill. Listening on the go has never been easier!

Important Note: The first time, and the first time only, you text "DAVID" to "2SNAP", you will receive a message indicating that this service costs $1.99/month; you will need to confirm your purchase request. To make this confirmation, just send a text message with the letter "Y" in it. Sound confusing? It's not, really, and there are instructions to help you. Once that happens (and remember, it is only the first time), you are automatically connected to our great music. If you have an older phone, you will receive a telephone number to call to connect to us. Either way, we're everywhere you are! It is important to note that airtime usage applies.

You can cancel this service at any time by simply texting "STOP DAVID" to "2SNAP". A portion of your monthly service fee goes to Radio Free David and helps to keep the great music on the air. As always, you can listen over the internet for absolutely free.

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